Mounting Solutions, Cobot Accessories and Guarding

The Swivellink® product line originally started out with a need to mount operator start buttons onto custom-built industrial machinery. Soon after it was designed, others quickly saw the value in it as well, and sales took off without much effort. The Swivellink® product was unique and offered multiple benefits. Once it gained traction in the market, we found new and more creative ways to solve other mounting problems.
We added solutions to mount cameras, sensors, lights, robotic end-of-arm tooling, etc. Swivellink® is now offered in 3 different sizes, XS, Standard, & Heavy Duty, and comes in Metric or Imperial. (Heavy Duty only available in Imperial sizes)
As Swivellink® sets out to provide innovative products, other automation solutions have been developed through the years. Swivellink® now offers complete conveyors, modular guarding (Stronguard®), robot accessories,
and a safety validation device (PLx).
Datasheets and other files are available via the registration form at the bottom of the page.

  • Tablet, Camera and Light mounts
      • Available in three sizes (XS,
        Standard, Heavy Duty)
      • Available in Metric or Imperial
      • Several mounting plate options available
      • Thru hole for wire management
        and protection
      • Easy to install and adjust
  • Cobot Pedestals fixed and mobile
    • Cobot Line
      • Perfect for collaborative style robots
      • CB200 series mounts the UR3, UR3E, UR5, UR5E,
        UR10, UR10E, UR16, UR16E, FANUC CRX-5iA,
        CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L, Omron TM5, TM12, TM14
      • CB400 series mounts AUBO i3, i5, i10, and i16 robots
      • CB600 series mounts FANUC CRX25 & UR20 robots
      • Designed with a thru-hole for routing cables,
        providing a nice clean look
    • Robot Line
      • Perfect for small fast-moving robots with
      • industrial torque
      • One mounting pattern machined in top
        plate per order if print/specification
        provided, otherwise comes with a blank
        top plate
      • Optional extrusion kit available for
        accessory mounting
  • Cobot Part feeders
      • Heavy-duty stainless-steel
      • Setup information cut into template
      • Robot calibration touch off indicators
      • Diamond pattern settles parts into V for
        precise location
      • Stackable templates to support taller parts
      • Several template options
      • Robot controller bracket
  • Robotic Cell Guarding Panels, Columns and Doors
      • 36” or 48” tall stackable panels
      • Up to 8’ width
      • 1” mesh, 2” mesh, or clear polycarbonate
      • Sliding or swing door
      • Posts are welded to 1/4” thick foot plate,
      • providing dependable strength
      • Easily add brackets to mount accessories
      • 36” or 48” wide panels can be replaced with
      • Powder coated to provide durability even in
        the harshest environments
      • Bolted panel design makes it easy to replace
      • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the
      • Simple assembly without specialized tools
      • ReeR Safety
  • Safety Fault Tester
  • The PLx is a universal device designed to insert in series with equipment safety devices and induce faults into that safety system to validate the functionality and diagnostic coverage of the safety system.
  • Properly used, the PLx will validate that the proper safety design
  • Performance Level has been achieved by: design, wiring, and programming.
  • This type of testing is required by the ISO 13849-2 safety standard.
  • ReeR Safety