ReeR Safety – Ensuring safety in the work environment

ReeR Safety offers a robust lineup of safety components, from door sensors to safety controllers. They also offer a non-safety rated measuring light curtain in multiple output types called the Micron series.

Safety Controllers

  • Mosaic Mosaic is a safety controller able to manage all safety functions of machinery. It is configurable and scalable by providing cost reductions and minimal wiring. Safety controllers are capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, laser scanners, door sensors, mechanical switches, mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls, concentrating management of these in a single, flexible device.
  • MZero – Compact and configurable safety controller. Bringing full configuration capabilities at the cost of a standard safety relay

Safety Relays
Dedicated safety interfaces between safety sensors equipped with self-controlled safety static outputs and control circuits of the machine or plant. Modules for safety light curtains, safety switches, two-hand controls and e-stops.

Light Curtains 
Safety Light curtains are electro sensitive devices using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area.

  • EOS4 is a compact safety light curtain range with competitive performance and innovative features. Includes models with integrated safety functions such as self-monitoring static outputs, control of external contactors (EDM), and selectable automatic or manual restart. 2 safety PNP static outputs. Easy connection and installation thanks to the M12 connectors and the use of unshielded cables up to 100 meters.
  • Admiral – The Admiral series of safety light curtains, with integrated Blanking functions, is the ideal solution for the protection of the majority of high-risk industrial applications. Long Range models with 2, 3 and 4 allow beams reach a max. of 60 m, while the Dual beams models reaches the max. of 80 meters.
  • SafeGate – Safety light curtains with integrated Muting function for the protection of high-risk industrial applications, in particular those requiring a highlevel of integration of the muting functions. SAFEGATE guarantees the integration of the muting sensors that can be connected directly to the safety light curtain. Programmable models (SMPO) functional parameters configuration can be managed via Safegate Configuration Software (SCS).
  • Janus – Safety light curtains with integrated Muting function. The Janus series is the solution for the protection of a vast number of high-risk industrial applications, in particular those requiring a high level of integration of the safety functions. For example, in the models with built-in Muting function, Janus guarantees the independence of the light grid from the control circuits of the system (often distant from the protected gate) and, where necessary, also the integration of the Muting sensors. Settings of each function integrally performed via themain connector.

The RFID technology enables R-SAFE RFID safety sensors to be individually coded in three different ways to allow the appropriate tampering protection in all applications. The highest configurations allow each safety sensor to be paired with one only assigned actuator.

Safelock (SLK) 
Safelock is a safety switch utilized in the protection of personnel when opening doors leading to dangerous areas. It acts by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during dangerous scenarios. The solenoid locks and unlocks access to the dangerous area, guaranteeing safety until the danger has stopped.

Micron Light Curtains
Light curtains for industrial and civil applications where it is necessary to detect, measure, and recognize objects. Outputs are available in Digital, Analog (current or voltage) and Serial (IO-Link or RS-485).

Laser Safety Scanner
The UAM-05LP safety laser scanner provides safeguarding and personnel protection in mobile and stationary applications.  From monitoring robotic work cells to the travel paths of autonomous vehicles, it allows users to easily configure a simple or complex 5-meter safety zone with up to 20-meter warning area.  Equipped with an Ethernet interface, distance data and intensity output values can be captured in a 270° field-of-view and used for obstacle detection and localization on autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles and carts (AGV, AGC).  As one of the smallest scanners on the market, the UAM provides a reliable solution for maximizing safety and preventing potentially unsafe situations while offering 2D LiDAR capabilities in many industrial sectors. 

Incremental SIL 3 Sin/Cos safety encoders The safety Sin/Cos incremental encoder, together with Mosaic, comprise a SIL 3 certified safety function for speed monitoring.

A complete range of inductive sensors for position detection. Inductive safety applications are special applications which require a non-contact and safe detection of a metal object.

Magnus MG 
Magnetic safety switches for position control of movable guards.

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