Reporting from a Robotic Cell

I had a customer ask me to help solve a reporting problem. Their customer is looking to have production data sent to them on a daily interval. I have a solution, low cost high flexibility and perfect since they did not have a Weintek HMI.

Here is the solution, install the cMT-SVRX-820 this is a link to access the data sheet and brochure. It is a headless HMI, and we will use the scheduling feature to send daily emails of the values requested as a CSV. No need to remotely access the cell via VPN, so we will not use Easy Access 2.0 for now.

These values could be dressed up and displayed on Weincloud, more details to come on this later in a future post. But know for now, it is a low cost subscription based cloud dashboard available from us, list price is $299 per year.

Please use this form to access the data sheets and other documents.